Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Tour d’Eiffel, 7e Arrondissement

We’re all familiar with the Eiffel Tower and chances are that if you’re heading to Paris you’ll end up there, so I probably don’t need to go into all too much detail. I’d say that both the tower and the view are best at night when the city is lit up and there are fewer crowds and queues. If possible, also go when the sky is clear, as fog will dramatically reduce visibility, especially as you ascend to the top. The tower itself lights up on the hour, so try to be outside and looking at it from a short distance around this time.

Eiffel Tower Summit Paris

Tour d’Eiffel (Sommet), 7e Arrondissement

Bear in mind that there are various types of tickets available, so prepare yourself for the ticket desk. Your ticket will determine whether you use the stairs or the elevator and whether you have access to the first and second floor, or both of these floors and the summit. Always opt for the elevator. The stair tickets may be cheaper but anyone who lacks the thighs of a stallion will deeply regret skimping out. People tend to choose the stairs thinking they’ll be able to take in more of a view, but in reality you’ll be much more focused on catching your breath, wondering how much further it is until the next level and questioning why you thought this would be enjoyable when you actively avoid physical exertion in pretty much every other aspect of your life. Accept your sedentary lifestyle and spend your time on each level marvelling at the view rather than cursing the people who will undoubtedly be taking up space on any available seating. I’d also recommend paying the extra few euros for the ticket to the summit. If you’ve already come this far, you should invest in a view from the top. If you’re 24 or under (or, like me, look young for your age and don’t mind telling a white lie about it) your ticket will be half price.


Eiffel Tower Esplanade Paris

Tour d’Eiffel (Esplanade), 7e Arrondissement

If you’re planning on a hackneyed engagement, there’s a champagne bar at the summit. It WILL be windy (and not in the carefully curated photoshoot kind of way), so hold onto that engagement ring, because if it goes over the edge you’re not getting it back. Otherwise, there are food and drink outlets on the esplanade, first and second levels where you can grab a little something to tide you over while you’re up the tower.

The Eiffel Tower is located on Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France. Any taxi driver will know where it is. Alternatively, the nearest Metro is Bir-Hakeim (line 6) or the nearest RER is Champ-de-Mars – Tour Eiffel (line C).